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Notice to Users Before April 2024

Due to a complete overhaul, previously registered album data can no longer be deleted. Additionally, not all album data could be migrated due to my residential area constraints. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Why I Created This Service

Apple launched high-resolution lossless distribution of Apple Music in June 2021. However, a way to directly search for high-resolution music sources has yet to be provided.

So I thought it would be very useful to have a database where Apple Music users could register and share high-resolution albums that they know, and I actually developed it.

Of course, I understand that sound quality is not the most important criterion for evaluating a piece of music.

However, I believe that the desire for better sound quality is rooted in the natural instincts of human beings, and above all, it would be wonderful if this service could help us discover unknown and amazing music that we have never had the chance to experience in the culture we grew up in.

If you know of a high-resolution album that has not yet been registered in this database, please add it. Any small contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Let's enjoy the universal language of the world: music!